The First Greek Series on Netflix

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The well-liked television show “Maestro,” which debuted on Greek television earlier this fall and is now streaming exclusively on Netflix in Greece and Cyprus under the new name “Maestro in Blue,” is soon going to be accessible to viewers all around the world. It is the first Greek series to be picked up by a streaming service and was created for Mega TV by Christoforos Papakaliatis, who also stars in the series. The series was picked up by Mega TV.

What kind of experience can you anticipate having with “Maestro in Blue”? If you’re familiar with Greek television, you’ll immediately know the concept: love triangles, dysfunctional families, and criminal activity all taking place in a seemingly perfect tiny town. The story takes place over the course of nine episodes, and it begins with the musician Orestis (Papakaliatis) arriving on the island of Paxos in order to plan the revival of the island’s annual summer music festival. There, he becomes enmeshed in the lives of the inhabitants, including someone he’s met beforewithe stunning Klelia, who is several decades younger than he is (played by Klelia Andriolatou). It gradually grows into the Netflix series “Ozark” without exposing too many particular story spoilers here. As many people in the small village tell their stories from their points of view, recurring themes of homophobia, domestic abuse, and addiction emerge rather rapidly.

You should also prepare yourself for exceptionally stunning views of the surrounding area. Paxos, a small island in the Ionian Sea near Corfu, is a verdant paradise with towering olive trees and a crystal-clear sea on all sides. Because most of the other settlements on the island are so small, nature plays a significant role in the aesthetics of Gaios and Lakka. However, the island’s neoclassical architecture, with its fading burgundy and ochre tones, also contributes to the inviting atmosphere of these two main villages. Paxos has become an increasingly popular tourist destination over the past few years; however, the island still maintains a sense of being largely untouched by tourism. The series makes a point of emphasizing this fact, despite the possibility that it will cause an increase in the number of visitors the following year.

The Paxi islands (specifically Paxos and the uninhabited islet Antipaxos, which boasts vineyards and beautiful beaches) actually have an interesting history, which includes naval battles, pirates, and a succession of foreign rulers. Even though they are smaller and not as well-known as Corfu and Lefkada, which are also in the Ionian Sea, the Paxi islands (especially Paxos and the uninhabited islet Antipaxos, which has vineyards) are very beautiful.

Corfu is home to the nearest airport to Paxos, and ferries depart often from there to bring passengers to their final destination. You can also take a ferry from Igoumentisa, which is located on the mainland, to reach here. Look for a home in one of the several small communities that are named after families; you can identify these communities by the suffix “atika,” which is added to their names. This will allow you to discover lodging that is comparable to where Orestis resides in the series (Orestis stays in Manessatika).