Orestis Chalkias is a Greek actor he was born in Athens and grew up in Pylaia, Thessaloniki while he is originally from Messinia.
He is 30 years old and from a very young age he had shown his affinity for music and acting. So, shortly after finishing school he decided to make his love his profession and so he started his studies at the Drama School of the State Theatre of Northern Greece. Orestis Chalkias clearly showed his talent during his studies and so in 2012 he graduated and started building his name and career. Due to the fact that he wanted to have even more experience, he decided to attend numerous seminars related to acting, especially movement, improvisation, and more.

He participated in seminars by Nikolai Karpov (movement), Savina Giannatou (vocal improvisation), Simos Kakala (acting-mask), Emiliano Bronzino (acting-mask) and the Department of Voice Research and Processing of the Drama School of the K.Th.B.E. under the supervision of Spyros Sakkas.
We got to know him from the daily series “Helios” of ANT1.
He has been involved in music for many years with the hard rock band Parafernelia (2006-2019) based in Thessaloniki.
He knows guitar, electric bass and has also taken vocal lessons with soprano Valia Mavridou.
He has participated in the performances: The Dance of Fire (2019), Doxa Koini from Philellinon Street (2020), Fire (2019), Labor (2022).
Orestis Chalkias is starring this year in the series “Maestro in Blue” by Christoforos Papakaliatis, where he plays Antonis.



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