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Stefania Goulioti was born on 3 November 1980 and grew up in Paleo Faliro. In 1998 he entered the Geological School of the University of Athens, where he studied for two years. She did not manage to graduate because she was accepted at the Drama School of the National Theatre. She graduated with honors in 2004. She has participated in many TV series, theatre performances, and films.

Apart from Joy Missing on TV, she has been seen in the series Wild Children and Karyotakis.

The role that established her and gave her the Melina Mercouri and Karolos Koun awards is that of “Electra” in Sophocles’ play of the same name, which was staged in 2007, and directed by Peter Stein.
For her performance in the film J.A.C.E., directed by Menelaus Katamagiolis, she won the first prize for a female performance at the Thessaloniki Film Festival.

About her role in Maestro in Blue, she said, “I play Alexandra, a woman of about 40 years old, who will make her entrance in the serial at a point where things have taken a turn and will turn them upside down, bringing to the surface elements from the past of Orestis‘ (Christoforos Papakaliatis) life. This woman is a well-off, confident woman who believes she can be in control of everything. But life and reality will come along to overturn this belief. Of course, her presence in the lives of the heroes is very decisive.”

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